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- About Us

We are a very tight community that just want to have fun on garry's mod. Our community used to be called intercept but due to events this has been rebranded to Skylines Community!

Our Gamemodes & Services

Roleplay & Cinema

Both our gamemodes have their own custom features. Our roleplay is semi-serious. Our cinema is not.

Custom Events

Our crew regularly hosts random events on both the gamemodes.

Crew members

Our crew members are not police. This means that they are there to help you. not to harras you.

Regular updates

We regulary push updates to our gamemodes. Found a bug? Contact us please.

Great community

Our community mostlly consists of really friendly people. We mostly hang out on our discord server. Server invite: https://discord.gg/kgj53x9

Fast response

Our crew tries their best on replying to your questions.

Update Log


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We are so glad announce that Skylines Cinema is back!

After the sad and disrupt end of intercept we have decided that its time for e revamed community. Coding wise atleast. Same crew. Better Systems! Hope we see you on the server!


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Skylines Roleplay Complete!

The skylines roleplay is finally done! Its here! visit our forum for more information.